Wednesday, May 23, 2012


as u can see...
i've delete all my previous post..
just.. because.. 

i've realize..
all things that i wrote are completely a rant without thinking carefully 1st....
maybe not all of it..
but most of it yes..

so ya..
post2 sebelom ni..
menyebabkan aq kene bahan segala...

no matter how i think i dont care what people say..
it's still hurt actually..

pakcik aq ckp..
mengutuk org itu dosa..
tpi buat something yg menyebabkan org kutuk kite pon berdosa sebenarnye..
so same2 kene jaga perangai masing2...

so aq xnak dah berperangai mcm tu lagi...
tulis ape aq rase.. tpi x pikir ape consequences nyer lepas tu..
sbb perangai tu la menyebabkan aq lost a few friends..
kalo jumpe org yg aq pernah baik dulu pon rase awkward je...

so ape yg lepas biarkan lepas...
there's nothing i can do about it..
except for didnt make the same mistakes again..

just hope that i can be a better person...

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